We offer many programs for students who may need social-emotional support and an opportunity to participate in social gatherings.  If you have students that you feel could benefit from these programs please send me their names and I will help get these students to these programs.  I welcome recommendations throughout the year.

The Following is a list of current School Climate Programs and Initiatives being implemented at Toyon Middle School:       
  • Breaking Down the Walls.  November 8-9.  We are excited to bring BDTW back to Toyon.  BDTW is a comprehensive program designed to unify, empower, and engage every student to create a positive and supportive campus climate.  This was a very moving experience last year for many students.  

  • Circle of Friends.  A social inclusion program for students with disabilities of all ages that establishes an understanding and acceptance of differences on school campuses and in community life, decreasing bullying and erasing the lines between disabled and non-disabled.

  • Positivity Club.  A student developed club that works in collaboration with other student groups to sustain a positive message of learning and behavior at school.

  • Friday Night Live Mentoring.  Will meet every Wednesday at CHS.  This has been a very successful program for TMS students over the last 3 years.  This program pairs TMS student proteges with CHS student mentors and they participate in team building activities that focus on social-emotional well-being and positive peer relationships.  A great help with the transition to high school.  Need 15 applicants and this does require an application and parent consent.  

  • Leadership Development Class.  An elective course designed to empower students with new knowledge regarding how they can contribute to their school and community.  Central themes include understanding of self, respect for others, personal responsibility for school and community improvement.

  • Quarterly Celebration Rallies.  Student led rallies celebrate students with perfect attendance, 4.0 gpa’s, and zero behavioral point.  Rallies are centered around the student mission, “Building a healthy, caring community through respect, compassion, encouragement, and opportunity.”

  • Club Live.  Will meet every Tuesday at lunch in Room M1.  Each meeting will have a certain social-emotional theme for students to share and discuss.  This is a drop in program and targets students who need/want a safe space at lunch and want to work on issues that concern them at Toyon.
  • Drama Club is an after school club open to all students.  It encourages students to come out of the shell by providing leadership skills and performing at rallies.